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For professional artists...

If you are a professional artist, your own website - - is your own intercontinental online gallery open 24 hours a day for all the world to visit. And the world will visit, we can assure you.

There is a problem. Nobody in Adelaide, Antwerp or Ankara is going to fork out substantial amounts of money for a work of art that they have only seen as an image on a computer screen. Would you?

Paradoxically, the world wide web is ideally suited to projecting yourself, your ideas and your art to people who are able to get to see your original work, that is people living or working in your part of the world. This is how you can best foster interest in your work and gain sales by having a website.

An artist's website should be viewed as a means, not an end. It should be a tool. Among other benefits accruing from having your own website, your webite can provide you with:

- a gallery for permanent exhibition of your work

- a means of collecting email addresses of people interested in your art

- a platform to publicise your forthcoming and current exhibitions

- a means to alert collectors to new works you have completed

- a means to make yourself and your portfolio known to galleries

In short, a website is an extremely practical device for enabling people in a profusion of places to see your work. Using this to build and nurture an interest both in yourself as an artist and in your art can only enhance your sales prospects.

What we would provide you with...

An up and running website of your own to exhibit your work within a few days. We do EVERYTHING required to set up and maintain your website - give us your text and images and we do the rest. With our contacts in the internet world and a desire to help artists to promote their work in the market, we think we can offer artists the best deal available:

- a design facility based on standard templates which can be modified according to your requirements

- scanning of photos of your work (if required)

- up to 24 paintings/drawings on your site

- hits counter on your site

- Excel file for hits history plus hits over last 4, 8 and 12 weeks and charts

- registration of the or .com domain name of your choice for 2 years

- hosting your site on an internet server for 2 years

- maintaining the site (adding new work as required, information about your forthcoming and current exhibitions etc) for 2 years

- your own email address. For example if your site is, you might opt for

- full instructions as to the file formats to use for your text and for your digital images

To set the site up, you need to provide us with...

- suitable copy (we can sub edit this if you like) to fill your web pages

- suitable photographs / digital images of your work. Again we can rework and enhance digital images supplied (if required), subject to the images being of useable quality

- package cost: 300.00 to cover first 2 years; 100.00 per year for subsequent years

Sample site...

Please click above to see a sample website...

If you like...

We can provide you with all the information you need to manage your website yourself:

- how to store your site code on your own PC

- internally documented HTML source code for all your pages

- where to go to download an FTP program

- how to use an FTP program

- FTP server access data with username + password

I'm interested, so how can I contact you about this?

Please use the email link below or on the homepage. Or call Chris Young on 01483 728225.


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